360 Photography 101: How To Get Started

In the first installment of this 3-part 360 photography tutorial series, you will learn all the essential tips, tricks, and information you need to begin shooting and creating 360 virtual tours. I wil..

Behind the Photo: Using Water Droplets to Create an Intriguing Portrait

Photo: Crime Scene by Roger Caballé

Ever see a photo and wonder how the photographer achieved that look, but then think, I wouldn’t even know where to start? Well, it’s often not as hard as you migh..

Camera Tech Explained: Canon Dual Pixel Autofocus

Often knocked for a perceived lack of innovation, Canon does have at least one ace up its sleeve over the competition – dual pixel autofocus.

Introduced with the 70D in 2013, dual pixel autofocus significantly increases autofocus speed and accuracy in Live View mode, including autofocus while shoot..

Broncolor Siros L 800ws Review | A Class Leader

As the popularity of everything wireless continues, it comes as no surprise that this demand is crossing over into the realm of photography. Portability is power; it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. That doesn’t mean wireless options are replacing the top end studio equipment and power p..

Instagram Stories Surpasses Snapchat By 20% & Adds New Features | Time For Creatives To Focus On IG?

When we think of some of the best things in life, or at least things that make for some of the best stories and products, a common these throughout them is ‘spite’. Lamborghini’s car division was born of spite for Ferrari (or more Ferrucci’s for Enzo Ferrari), and Riva boats were largely born from i..

Learn These Photo Poses for Women

Do you get stuck finding the most flattering pose for your female subjects? It’s most likely because you are stuck trying to perfect the big picture without noticing the small details.

Learning the subtle variations in hand placement, expressions, and body language will diversify your portfolio and..