20 Posing and Directing Cues For Portraiture

Words every client will say.
“We’re awkward, but we want to be natural, fun & romantic”

We’ve just completed and released The Complete Posing Workshop, the ultimate course on posing and directing. The course provides photographers with a technical mastery of posing and body language.

Posing is na..

Deal Dash | New Sales On Canon L Lenses & Bodies, Nikon FX, Sigma Art, Sony

In our field, gear matters, and you’d have to have a bank balance bigger than your bank account number for you to acquire all you likely would want when the whim takes you. However, if you keep your ear to the ground like we do, you come about the best photography deals currently on the market, and ..

Sony Releases The S3CA – An Industrial Version of A7S II

During this year’s NAB, many were hoping that Sony would release a follow-up to the beloved A7S II. Instead of a mark III version, Sony announced a specialized version of the Sony a7S II called the S3CA.

Since its introduction in 2015, the Sony a7S II has made headlines as being one of the best cin..

How To Build A Still Life Portfolio (& others) On A Budget

In the “normal” working world, your CV is crucial to acquiring the employment you desire. If your hope is to become a professional photographer, a website and portfolio are our equivalent of a CV. Having a strong portfolio is the first step to take you from aspiring amateur to full-time, ludicrously..

Lighting Without Strobes | A DIY Solution For Light That Packs A Punch

For photographers who haven’t amassed an array of equipment, eyeing others’ photographic accomplishments in sunlight with punchy fill and bright light that did not originate from that glowing orb in the sky can be envy-inducing as they imagine the possibilities a set of strobes could bring. However,..

LG Announced a 42.5-inch UHD Display with FreeSync, USB-C, and 4-Way Split

Recovering from what can be described a design oversight with the Apple-centric UltraFine 5K Display, LG has now released a display aimed at pro customers used to juggling multiple displays. The LG 43UD79-B, as the name suggest, is a 42.5-inch UHD panel with a 3840 × 2160 resolution, 1000:1 contrast..