Lighting Without Strobes | A DIY Solution For Light That Packs A Punch

For photographers who haven’t amassed an array of equipment, eyeing others’ photographic accomplishments in sunlight with punchy fill and bright light that did not originate from that glowing orb in the sky can be envy-inducing as they imagine the possibilities a set of strobes could bring. However,..

The Complete Posing Workshop – Now Available!

Posing is one of the most challenging subjects you will face as a portrait photographer. Memorization can only take you so far before you lose authenticity. A photographer might memorize poses, use example images or even posing cards to have the client repeat in front of the camera, but you still fa..

OCF Basics | How And Why To Use An Umbrella

Umbrellas are things that most of us became familiar with at a young age. Accompanying rain boots and jackets, they keep rain from ruining hair-dos, splattering clothing, and drizzling on parades. Somewhere along the line, a great innovator realized the potential for umbrellas as a light modifier, a..