Choosing Big Lights

If you shoot small lights long enough, you will run up against some limitations. You might be trying to light big areas, or trying to get a combo of soft light with a large working distance. Most likely, you might be trying to light against full sun. Or, obviously, any combination of the above.
Suffice to say that at some point you might want a big gun in your lighting bag. But how do you choose? Read more »

In Europe? You Don’t Want to Miss Pop_UP Berlin in Three Weeks

At the end of the month, GPP PopUp is coming to Berlin. If you are in Northern Europe, this city is within reach for you. And for a variety of reasons, it's almost certainly the last time Pop_UP will be held in Europe.
Here's why you shouldn't miss it.
A Compact, Info-Filled Weekend
This will be my third time teaching at Pop_UP. Over the course of one weekend—two days—the instructors there work hard to bring you a learning experience that centers on photography, but hits it from four unique and different perspectives.
That's important, because no two photographers' environments are the same. And learning from people who have successfully navigated various waters in different ways can be very valuable.
The sessions are all pretty fast paced. We each have a lot to cover and only a few hours to do it. For that reason, we each tend to step back from the daily cacophony and concentrate on things that might spark you to think about your own situation in a different ..

Gulf Photo Plus PopUP_Berlin is Live

Just a quick note to let you know that tickets have just gone on sale for the Gulf Photo Plus PopUP event in Berlin for the weekend of October 29-30.
If you are unfamiliar with GPP's PopUP, it is a road version/distillation of their world-famous Photo Week in Dubai. Each year, it is held in a far-flung city somewhere in the world that is not Dubai. It is done over a weekend, so as to be able to be fit in with many peoples' work schedules.
The faculty sometimes varies, but this year it is the core group: Greg Heisler, Joe McNally, Zack Arias and me. The weekend will feature a half-day with each person. Basically, like being in front of a fire hose.
This is the fourth PopUP GPP has held. I have been involved in three of them, and they are one of the most enjoyable photo events I can think of. If Berlin is reachable for you and you are available for a weekend this fall, I strongly encourage you to attend.
(And as an FYI, Berlin has a large and thriving photo community, so this ..